Where are YOU Running Today?

Come run with us! Or walk... if that's what you're into.




Wednesday Night Runs!


We think we are the best run club in Portland and the highlight of our week is on Wednesday night when we meet up at Stormbreaker Brewing for a fun 5k or 10k and then a delicious beer afterwards. Come join us this Wednesday, we'll be there through rain, sleet, snow, wind, smoke or blazing hot sun.


Upcoming Events


Run to the Timbers game

September 29th at 5pm

We meet at Stormbreaker and run to Providence Park to watch the Timbers play against Dallas FC. We have some tickets for sale, but feel free to buy your own. Wear your Timbers gear and plan your return trip responsibility. =D RCTID!!!

St. John’s pizza & beer run
Saturday oct 6th, 12pm

We will meet at Hoplandia (8600 N Ivanhoe St). Two mileage options: 5K route and 10K trail route. Hoplandia has kindly offered us $1 off beers! Order your pizza next door at Pizza Nostra and they will deliver it to you table at Hoplandia! Pro-tip: Use Willamette and park under the bridge or on Burlington then walk up to Hoplandia.  

run then yin yoga at

flex and flow wed oct 3rd

Meet at 1461 N Skidmore St. Step off 6:45pm. Yoga starts at 8pm. Beers and trivia at Untapped. Give your muscles a good stretch and decompress from the day. We are moving into the fall season, so our joints could use some extra love. We have a 20% discount on regular class passes.