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Mary Chen - Founder

As the founding member of NOPO Run Club Mary personifies the term "Fearless Leader." She is your "Go to gal" in all things NOPO. When she's not climbing hills, this gal is climbing mountains, so she can eat her way through the Portland foodie scene. In her spare time she fights cancer and practices the zen art of acupuncture. She has not slept in over 7 years. 


Chris Garland - Event Coordinator

"Chris is your friend who always knows what's going on. As the Event Coordinator he plans a LOT of events for the group. From day one back in 2014 Chris has been crushing the scene here in PDX. When he's not organizing 17 bar pub crawls he enjoys watching the Trail Blazers, Sunday brunch and running Ultra marathons. Oh and he also has a weird thing for cats. Ask him about it


Zach Schroder - Event Coordinator

Zach is the Go-To-Gal's wanna be Go-To-Guy. An At Large Board Member, Zach is there to co-host an event, help collect donations to the club, or, once in a blue moon, take the mic on a Wednesday NoPo run. Zach is always interested in meeting new people, making them comfortable, and answering as many questions as possible. Just find the gray hair - a beacon in the night.


Matthew Wilkins - Creative Coordinator

Matt has been running the Mississippi Wednesday NOPO run since 2013. When asked if he was tired of running the same route after so many years he replied, "No, there are always new interesting people to meet and we meet at a bar so a couple of the runs I don't really remember..." Matt handles all of our media, design and marketing needs. He doesn't have free time, but if he did he'd probably be out trail running or riding bikes. He is currently trying to change his middle name legally to Danger.